VelashapeVelashape is the number 1 therapy that reduces cellulite, reshape the silhouette and gives skin elasticity. Velashape III is the latest version of this unique non-invasive treatment that requires no recovery time and which causes the results to be immediately visible. A quick and easy way to (re)shape the whole body, Velashape III is available through Natural Beauty by Adriana Petrescu.

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What is Velashape III and what benefits does the treatment have?

The treatment defines the silhouette and contributes to weight loss, while having an important role in improving the appearance of the skin, it reduces cellulite and increases skin elasticity. With the help of VelaShape III can be reduced the amount of fat in areas like the abdomen, thighs, face and neck, with visible improvements after each treatment session.

VelaShape III offers great results without discomfort or rest periods. The new treatment solution uses technologies such as infrared light, bipolar radio frequency and vacuum, for obvious results.


Here are some statistics that will show the effects of treatment with VelaShape III:

• VelaShape III promises to loose 5 cm around the waist, buttocks and thighs after only 5 weeks of treatment;
• The thickness of the cellulite layer can be decreased by up to 62% after a treatment of 15 minutes, twice a week for a month;
• The skin aspect is visibly improved after just 1 treatment session;
• Arm circumference can be reduced by up to 2 cm.

What technology does Velashape use?

VelaShape III is a non-invasive treatment procedure that will help you have a beautifully shaped body in just three treatment sessions. You will look and feel younger and more beautiful, without discomfort or extended periods of rest! Although the results can be visible even after a single treatment session, most patients see gradual improvements at the end of the whole series recommended by the doctor.

VelaShape III is not a treatment for weight loss, it combines the latest technologies for body shaping, reducing the problem areas that cannot be improved by diet or exercise. The patient will get the best results with this device usually has a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 30 and shows a cellulite type 1 or 2 – physician will give you all the information about these 2 parameters.

VelaShape III uses the vacuum technology for skin manipulation, while infrared and bipolar radiofrequency light heats the fat cells and the tissues that surround them. This combination stimulates the development of new collagen and elastin cells, which will cause a decrease in skin laxity, reducing the body volume and improving the overall skin texture and structure.

Most patients consider the VelaShape III treatment extremely comfortable and they feel it like a warm massage. The treatment parameters are adjusted for each person so as to ensure a pleasant experience. It is normal the heat sensation to persist a few hours after treatment, and a small number of patients reported a pink discoloration in the treated areas, for a few hours post-intervention.

To request more information or to make an appointment, send us an e-mail at or call 0727 354 590.

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