It’s time to share the multitude of the experiences I lived and accumulated over the years that helped me to become the woman I am now. I learned ever since I was 17, when I left Romania with my first modeling contract, that the success in this career depends both on beauty and inner strength. And in my opinion, to excel in a field requires discipline, hard work and sacrifices. Self-confidence, but also the support of the loved ones.

Looking back, my life had ups and downs as any other person’s. There were moments in which I was tired, moments where I worked when others were on vacation or when I missed the Christmas dinner because I was thousands of kilometers away, honoring contracts. Being a positive person, I would easily overcome every trial and I enjoyed the magic in every moment. And as expected, when you are grateful for what you have, fate spoils you. And my fate spoiled to the fullest, giving me my soul mate as a husband and a wonderful little girl.

The balance, the healthy lifestyle, sports and a positive attitude are the principles which have guided me throughout life, and I have not applied them only in my modeling career. In addition, I was always interested in everything related to skin and body care, but especially keeping the youth in an as natural way as possible, without being willing to resort myself to invasive methods.

The way you look does not necessarily have to do with genes, but with the daily decisions about your diet and lifestyle.

In my travels, I had the chance to be up tp date with the latest releases in the field of beauty and health. Being an advocate of natural beauty, my attention was drawn to the non-invasive, safe procedures, which do not expose you to any risk. Thus, in Germany, O discovered one of the most revolutionary facial rejuvenation procedures: ULTHERAPY. It is basically the only therapy in the world that uses microfocused ultrasounds to help skin regain its firm, smooth appearance by stimulating the production of collagen.

The results obtained have convinced me to offer the women in Romania the opportunity for themselves to benefit of this procedure. The care for the personal image is essential not only for women who have a career in modeling or TV, but also for their own success and self-confidence.

Through this project, I invite you to convince yourself that you can maintain your youthful appearance of the skin and reshape yout body using natural treatments as Ultherapy and Velashape III, the number one therapy in the world for body reshaping of cellulite treatment. appeared as to provide more information about these non-invasive treatment, but also to present a beautiful world seen through the eyes of a women passionate by beauty. Therefore, I am online to get closer to you, to tell you about how we can follow our dreams and how everyone’s passions can become reality.

                                                                                                                                                                                    With love,


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