In my travels, I had the chance to be updated with the latest releases in the field of beauty and health. As an advocate of natural beauty, the non-invasive and safe which do not expose you to any risk have drawn my attention. Thus, in Germany, I discovered one of the most revolutionary facial rejuvenation procedures: ULTHERAPY. Basically is the only therapy in the world which uses microfocused ultrasounds in order to help skin regain its firm and smooth appearance by stimulating the production of collagen.
The results obtained have convinced me to offer the women in Romania the opportunity to benefit themselves of this procedure. Caring for your personal image is essential not only for women who have a career in modeling or TV, but also for your own success and self-confidence.

Through this project, I invite you to convince yourself that you can maintain your youthful appearance of the skin and you can reshape the body using natural treatments such as Ultherapy and Velashape III, world’s first therapy for body shaping and cellulite.

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